I enjoy helping people with sexuality, gender, shame,

love, nonmonogamy, oppression,

anti racism, sex work, activism, 

veganism, integrity,




How does power function in our lives? Speak up and set boundaries, build the capacity to do your work in the world, and find strength in navigating oppression. Learn to act responsibly with the power you hold. 




Tune into the guiding voice within yourself and develop the courage to speak what's true for you, to yourself and others. Why are you here?  Work on bringing authenticity and integrity to your life by understanding your deeper motivations.




What potential do you hold? What could you be, in your wildest dreams? What's holding you back? How can you be your own hero? Let's dream about you. 




Love is the answer. Fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with the world. When we teach ourselves to act from a place of love, every moment is perfect. Lovers are wonderful teachers when we take time to listen. 




Be yourself, by yourself, for yourself. In a culture of co dependence, how can we learn to love aloneness? How does doing it on your own expand your possibilities? How do we hold onto ourselves, especially in partnership?