Working with Hunter has been a life-changing experience for me. Abused physically and sexually as a child, I’ve been guarded in my personal relationships and had frequent PTSD triggers around intimacy, sex, and child abuse. Now in my 70s, after working with Hunter my triggers are much less frequent and less intense. I’m much happier in my life overall.

Hunter is one of the most ethical, caring, and trustworthy people I have ever met. She is also the least judgmental person I’ve known. She made me feel that I was okay no matter what feelings and thoughts I was having. Her approach to treating trauma involves taking small—manageable—steps toward more and more intimacy and vulnerability, something I have been able to do because of her skill and sensitivity, and my trust in her.

Part of my time with Hunter has involved deep crying—I had been unable to cry at all since childhood. This crying has been important in allowing me to process my trauma. I’ve also been able to let out anger, often aiming it at Hunter herself. Her willingness to provide a safe receptacle for these feelings has been critical for me in experiencing them. And Hunter’s intimacy experiments have allowed me to gradually tolerate more and more intimacy with her. All of this is aimed at developing skills that I can take into my life, and my relationship with my wife has become more open and intimate since I’ve been seeing Hunter.


You are so much more to me than any title like counselor can express. 

You are my rock. You are my teacher. You are my friend.


I think it is best summed up by "glowing love.”… We were brewing in a soup of warmth, connection, energy and love. It was all there. Swirling around. At different moments, different feelings and reactions. At no point was my fear realized. In fact, I had a calm about me that has lasted ever since. … Thank you for one of the most incredible experiences  in my life. You have widened my horizons, have opened my perspective, and given me a renewed hope for a life lived with love and passion.


In a short time it felt very natural and no big deal. This was a huge step for me!   I attribute it to your open and beautiful presence.  Thank you so much for the sweet space you held for me…  I'm holding that special feeling inside now.  I’ve been there and feel encouraged to find my own way back as often as life permits!